The Art in Articles

The Art in Articles is a Wikidot CSS theme designed for informational wikis that contain long articles. Content is accentuated by the large, central body, and the side and top bars augment the readers' navigational experience while creating a scholarly feel.

Many of Wikidot's applications have been included in the design so that you may create the perfect community, including:

Finally, don't forget to cater to your site's purpose by customizing the logo image!

This theme supports onlybothneither the top bar and nor side bar.

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Import Definition

Include this code into your CSS for this theme to be applied:

@import url('');

Source Code


Customizing the Logo Image:
The Art in Articles allows you to install a custom logo image, located generally in the top left corner of the page. It is recommended that this image have significant transparency.

To add your own logo, add the following to the end of the code, making sure that URL is the location of your image online:

    background-image: url(URL) !important;

Some History
The Art in Articles is actually a modernized version of the very first theme I had ever made: Articles n' More. The old theme was too extreme on color differences, and it did not utilize any CSS3. In light of this new innovation, I set out to recreate the theme with the purpose of making it smoother while retaining the original mood.

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