Developer Series

The Developer Series is a set of themes made for clean simplicity, working as a general all-around web design. After acquiring all my knowledge about cross-compatibility, how CSS works, and how to incorporate images, I combined everything into one to make a nice series meant to work for educational sites, corporations, and even personal blogs.

Since the complexity of my themes was growing, the Developer Themes became difficult to customize. Therefore, I contrived many color variations based on rare earth minerals and stones so that a user may simply select which color he/she likes best. These colors are below:

This theme supports onlybothneither the top bar and nor side bar.

No Image

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Import Definition

Include this code into your CSS for this theme to be applied:

@import url('');

Source Code


Import the following URLS for the scheme of your choice:

  • Amethyst Developer
  • Diamond Developer
  • Emerald Developer
  • Garnet Developer
  • Malachite Developer
  • Obsidian Developer
  • Onyx Developer
  • Peridot Developer
  • Quartz Developer
  • Ruby Developer
  • Sapphire Developer
  • Tanzanite Developer
  • Topaz Developer
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