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The world today has quite the abundance of people. It is difficult for the modern generation to imagine a world of only a third of its current population, and yet such was the scenario only a century ago. The impressive growth seems to have foregone the attention of many, for our own immediate neighborhoods appear more or less unaffected; the trans-generational time span only adds to the oversight. And yet, while the world may host over seven billion people, a number impervious to comprehension, technology has given us a unique insight into what that actually means: rather than seeing a population of seven billion, we ought to see seven billion individuals.

In general, it is easy to regard those around us as individuals with distinct personalities and identities; the rest we simply attribute as "The World". Through technological media such as YouTube or personal websites, however, it becomes more evident that "the rest" is not simply "The World" but instead an entirely new and unique set of individuals like the ones we know at home. Such avenues reveal to us a similar level of identity of which we experience day to day.

This realization helped open my eyes. We live in a world of seven billion unique, distinct, and separate people each with feelings, thoughts, and dreams like me. Each individual has a certain personality signature possessed by no other, and each contains an unreproducible creative potential. To lose any one person is to lose infinite value.

It is with this paradigm in mind that I have started The Public Var. This represents a part of my identity and who I am in a world where the value of people is seemingly degraded merely by its vast number. My posts represent thoughts, experiences, and feelings that time may never see again, and lest they be lost forever in time's current, I will record them.

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Are there more recent throughs on one of your blogs?

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