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If you read the first post, then you are likely wondering what on earth this site will possibly hold. I had made a few general remarks about the uniqueness of a person and how this site is supposed to represent my stamp of uniqueness in the world; yet, never did I once describe myself nor what kind of posts you can expect in the future.

That would be because merely describing myself would in essence defeat the purpose. Rather, the very character of what I write and post ought to serve as a small window into who I might be as a person. "Character" here could mean any number of things:

  • Perhaps it is the way in which I write things, including diction and syntactic structure
  • Perhaps it is in the subjects that I elect to present
  • Perhaps it is the timing by which I post
  • Perhaps it is in the nature of the problems or solutions I present

Regardless of how you or I define "character" in this sense, what remains is the fact that what is written here somehow represents a sliver of "me", a sliver that I hope no other possesses. I hence leave it up to you as a reader to decide what that means.

That said, it is still important to highlight some (rather) general goals of this site. Firstly, I call this a "periodical" and not a "blog". I understand that based on what I have presented so far, this in every way qualifies as a "blog"; after all, this is essentially a personal site which effectively promises bias by its very purpose. I call this a periodical, however, in order to emphasize the fact that The Public Var is not some online journal. I've already got a journal of my own, and the thoughts here are very different in nature than the thoughts there.

Rather, The Public Var is a place where you can read about some curiosities, solutions to practical problems, and food for thought. Yes, my opinions may be embedded every once in a while, but the overall subject matter of my posts will be designed to be benign in nature. In a way, these things that I write will not even really be about be; rather, they will be about things that intrigue me.

Hence, if you look at the top of the main page, you will see some of the main categories that I anticipate writing about. This includes outer space and the universe, mathematics, programming, dreams I might have had, and (perhaps surprisingly) Christianity.

Anyways, it is up to you whether anything of value can be gleaned from subsequent posts. I cannot promise to post super-regularly, but I regardless hope that in the end, a good number of posts will have accumulated that I or others can look back on.

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