My Projects

Besides the typical schoolwork and "prepare for your future" type stuff, I spend my time doing multiple things. To relax, I usually just play a good game, sit and think, or read. But when I feel the motivation to do something, I will typically spend my time doing one of my many projects. The things here are things I wish to accomplish for the sake of accomplishing and doing something other than being lazy.

Life's Handbook

Life's Handbook is a website devoted to Christian Apologetics and Doctrine. It was started by me and two of my greatest friends in an effort to spread the knowledge of the Word of God and help clear foggy ideas about Christianity and what the Bible says. Christianity unfortunately has many divisions mostly based on how the Scripture is interpreted; by taking the view that God means what He says and says what He means, we hope to show how well engineered God made His Word and the world around us. We furthermore explore the ideas of Creation versus the widespread religion of Evolution.

The website was started sometime in April 2009 and was opened to the public in June of 2009. Since then, it has only grown, and we hope to develop a community of like-minded Christians who are willing to contribute to the site and allow it to grow into a site dedicated to the people and getting them saved.

The CSS Zone

The CSS Zone is supposed to be a repository of CSS-related information, especially as it pertains to Wikidot, which hosts this blog. The project was actually initiated by pieterh, the former CEO of Wikidot, and many of Wikidot's community gurus then took the reigns to collaboratively engage in the daunting task of documenting all of Wikidot's page structure. It would be redundant to make a CSS Tutorial site, since we have W3Schools for that; rather, the CSS Zone would aim to help fellow Wikidotians navigate the page structure of Wikidot and utilize its elements to create customized themes and the like.

I have decided that, since I myself know quite a bit of CSS, to contribute to the site. My hope is that through my help and with the contributions of others, the CSS Zone will become Wikidot's primary resource for CSS information.

A Sci-Fi Book

Many of my friends have been eager to see what I can write after having read a few of my short stories and listened to some of my ideas on life. I've never really considered myself anywhere near crafty in the English language; most of what I write or say is practically dull without any sort of symbolism and whatnot. Still, I have decided to at least see what I can do in this sort of endeavor; I've already been prewriting for something like a couple years now, having revised the general idea of the story several times. Now, though, I have exactly what I want to write about, and it takes place 8000 years in the future.


My hobby of programming has transformed since I was introduced to it in the eighth grade. Recently, I've taken to learning ActionScript 3.0 in Flash; under my programs, you can see a couple of Flash projects I've for the most part completed. One of them was made using a tutorial so I could get a hang of how the system works. The other I had to forge in just two days, which proved to be way over ambitious (evidenced by the programs many bugs).

I'm currently working on a couple of projects, one being a side-scroll shooter game and the other being a turn-based tactics game. Hopefully I'll get the time and motivation to work on these.


I am working on a texture pack for Minecraft based on Mars. I will post it when finished!


As I work on all of the above, I am also trying to compose a variety of songs. I'm not exactly an artist, but for some reason I enjoy putting musical notes together when I feel like doing nothing else.

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