My Programs

I enjoy programming as one of my hobbies. What started as a fondness for programming the typical TI-Basic calculator became a hobby that expanded into multiple languages including Javascript, NWScript (which is based off of C), and ActionScript 2.0.

Here is a list of programs I have composed and made public for your benefit. Some of the programs are for TI Calculators, and this an application called TI Connect is required to download them.


Program Description
Snake This is a calculator game that, despite its original name, is more similar to Tron Cycles than anything.
Polynomial Generator This code for 68k calculators randomly generates a factorable polynomial mainly for practice.
Radical Simplifier This program for the TI Calculator simplifies radicals to the fullest including index reduction.
Minesweeper This is a program in TI-BASIC analogous to Window's Minesweeper. It is a calculator program.


Program Description
Exercise Generator
CubeSolv This program solves cubic equations of the form 0=ax3+bx2+cx+d giving the answers in approximate form.
Radical Simplifier This Javascript program simplifies radicals to the fullest, including index reduction.
QuadSolv This Javascript program solves any quadratic equation giving both the exact answers and approximations.


Program Description
Physica Physica is a complete remodel of Jeoculus Calpardy, a game based on Jeopardy. This time, I had more time to develop the program, and this rendition is SO much better than its predecessor. This game features some very simplistic physics problems on a cool graphical interface and even has an in-built scoring system.
Jeoculus Calpardy This game was an assignment in my Pre-calculus class that was to be done in two days where I and my group were to create a jeopardy-like game. Apparently, 2 days was a ridiculously short time to program something so complex, especially since I am only a beginner in my flash programming career. With that said, this program is monstrously incomplete littered with all sorts of bugs; given more time, I could have probably fixed them.
Invasion This is my first ever Flash game made from the Shootorial exercises at Kongregate. While much of this is based off of the Shootorial content, I have made some modifications to make the game more dynamic, difficult, and fun.
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