My Dreams

Have you ever had strange dreams, ones that you remember and usually have strange occurrences in them? In a way, I am almost known for my strange dreams that never seem to have anything to do with anything. I always think it is quite funny what my brain must have been doing while I was asleep.

I have compiled a small list of dreams I am comfortable with sharing. Enjoy reading!

A Strange Battle

This dream was perhaps not short, but the basic premise is short. I started off on a dock in some bay. Everything was normal, except for that instead of a boat being in the water, a gigantic typewriter was in the water. Then, I hopped into the typewriter. In it, there was a tyrannosaurus rex, and I battled it Paper Mario style.

Prophetical Dream

In this dream, a strange occurrence happened. For the sake of simplicity, let us name my two friends Friend A and Friend B. In this dream, my two friends (by whom are actually my friends in real life), were playing a game of chess. Normally, Friend A would completely dominate Friend B because Friend A is simply better at chess. The game continues, but Friend A loses to Friend B. That's odd. Well, this dream may not be physically weird, but the events that took place the next day were quite shocking. We were in chess club, and Friend B won against Friend A……..twice.

The School Cafeteria's Secret

Here is an odd dream. My middle school is as harmless as any other school with the simple structure of rooms here, a cafeteria, a gym, some more rooms, and the like. In my dream, some students including me were called out of Teaming, our daily reading time, by the assistant Principal. He wanted us to test the new beta lockers which were silver and had pictures of boats in them. I suspected something fishy, so I followed the assistant Principal to the cafeteria. There, I saw my science teacher talking with the assistant principal, and the assistant principal revealed a remote control. He pointed at the cafeteria and clicked, and suddenly, the cafeteria stage transformed into a gigantic robot. Just then, the science teacher saw me and drew a gun. I ran and called all the other beta testers to follow me, and we escaped. I don't know what happened from there.

Hunger Games

I just had a weird dream that involved the Hunger Games. For some reason, I had manipulated the politics so that I would be put into the games, and the reason for this was that I knew of an ancient Native American tribe hidden in a strange alcove within the game. This alcove had some strange properties wherein one corner of it experienced slower time than the rest of the world. Somehow, I found out that my heritage partially stemmed from that Native American group, namely from the nobility, and hence I wanted to investigate. However, the Hunger Games itself is not easy, and finding a Native American group that not even the gamemasters have found and prosecuted would be extremely difficult.

Anyways, everyone in this particular Hunger Games started off on a big boat in the middle of a sea. In this version of the Hunger Games, every contestant was for some reason male, and the gamemasters seemed to deliberately select boys who were either friends with some of the boys or enemies of the others. Therefore, two groups immediately nucleated and fought each other on the boat with very strange and sharp boomerang weapons. I however was a rogue element since I had been selected through political manipulation, so I randomly selected a group to join. Unfortunately, this group happened to be the weaker group, and I myself was practically a worthless asset other than the fact that I had knowledge about an alcove no one else knew about. The battle ended with the other team eascaping by a different boat while we counted our losses. The rest of the games were going to be difficult since it was myself and four mildly skilled contestents versus five very competent fighters. Assuming 12 people enter the game, that would mean that two people died, one on each team.

When I told my team of the alcove, they agreed to go on the basis that we may be able to hide from the opposite team and possibly receive some assistance. On the way, though, we ran into some trouble. The other team had been secretly tracking us and were preparing to ambush us. Meanwhile, two mysterious adult men managed to siphon themselves through the Hunger Games boundary for who knows why. They had weapons that could erect shields, stun people, and more. However, the gamemasters found out about the breach and deactivated all of their electronics right at about the time that we converged upon them. Simultaneously, the other team launched an attack, and the fight was savage. Because of the two men, the other team could not launch their plan as effectively, and we therefore only lost one member. The men escaped, and we fled the scene.

We managed to find the alcove, and sure enough, Native Americans were in it living a peaceful life. Interestingly, though these were native Americans, they also had Arabic architecture and music. The chief was a somewhat wide man wearing all white, and he spend much of his time in the slowed time zone portion of the alcove, obviously one of the many priviliges that comes with his status. Somehow, the chief recognized me and invited me in. We talked for what seemed like 2 hours when the rest of the world experienced 40 minutes, meaning that time ran appoximately three times faster in the real world as opposed to this alcove. Afterward, we discovered that the other team was very nearby since they had continued to track us, and we had not learned our lesson up to that point. We wanted to press an attack with the natives, but somehow, the other team had captured a daughter of the chief, so the natives refused to help due to risk of colateral damage. They also did not permit us to make offensive unless we attempted to use some special fruit to fight them rather than traditional weapons.

This strange fruit had a property that would cause its consumer to essentially exhibit the same effects that laughing gas has on people. Our mission was to throw this fruit unsuspectingly into the mouths of our enemies so that they would lose all sense of consciousness and self. Obviously, that would be difficult. However, when we actually tried it, the fruit actually landed, and they actually ate it. Slowly, they began to lose their senses, and we began growing confident. The natives also began to launch a rescue mission to save the chief's daughter. But, as soon as they did, the miraculously resilient enemy team came back to their senses, used their boomerangs and other advanced equipment, and murdered the entire Native American force. The chief's daughter had been working with them and betrayed her people, and she had secured for them ointment that would make them immune to the effects of the fruit. Furthermore, my entire squad died, and all that was left was me, the chief's right hand man, and three Native American females, one of which was the younger sister of the chief's daughter that betrayed everyone.

That's where the dream ends.

Utopian Prison

I do not quite understand the nature of this dream, primarily because when I woke up, I was disappointed that the entire thing was a dream, but after actually thinking about it from the perspective of the real world, I do not want to go back.

In essence, there was a particular village that was plagued by a disease which caused people to bleed convulsively. It was discovered that this blood was reusable, however, and so people only needed to recycle their own blood back into their system in order to survive. The village was isolated from all other bastions of civilization, and furthermore the people seem to want to be on their own. However, even though the blood was recyclable, a little bit would always be lost in the process, so the village was slowly hemorrhaging its way to death.

The mayor of the town had his/her1 own plans though. Although short, the mayor had powerful spiritual connections and made a contract with what was apparently a demon. This monster is pretty hard to describe… It had the body of a ferocious lion but the hair of an unwashed street dog. It sported no head and no tail, but had four legs. Out of where its head would have been was a rather thin, slimy tentacle, and on the end of this tentacle was was some sort of red, muscle with two holes leading into it. The underbelly of this beast had many other thinner tentacles with small circular mouths on the end. The size of the thing could easily overtake two mountains, but the mouths on the ends of the tentacles were only as large as a human hand.

The thing was a beast, but the people saw it as salvation because the mayor said that it was. The beast was able to recycle the village's blood without waste, and so the town felt that it was saved. There was a catch: should anyone in the village do anything "bad", then the beast would absorb that person into its muscular… thing… and send the person into "hell". But nobody lived in fear, because this behemoth had saved them.

Over time, the beast granted more freedoms, more happiness, and the people therefore lived in more bliss. I woke up immediately missing that village, but looking back now… it was such a dark existence. I cannot say exactly why, but I do not want to go back.

The End of the World

This dream was very scary; I remember being nervous in the dream and confused when I woke up because I thought the whole thing was real. What happened was mega cities, like New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, cities like that, went up into flames. These were not just fires, but they were more like nuclear bombs, except my dream didn't quite specify whether these flames were by bomb or not. Each city went out one at a time at a rate of one per few days. Then one day, while I was outside, I saw a huge pillar of fire rise up and spread out. I don't know if I died or survived.

The Cyclops

I've had this dream a while back, and of all my dreams thus far, it is the most disturbing simply because it seems… prophetical. It felt like a vision and still does with some very odd symbolism used, especially to that reference of 6 out of 7…

The dream started with a bunch of strangers and I in a large ball room on the top story of some tall building. The ballroom also had a scientist in it, and I cannot recall exactly what everyone was doing. However, the scientist had activated some Cyclops in the ball room, purposefully, and it knew only one thing: kill us.

The Cyclops began chasing us, but it wasn't killing us. We were scared and fled through a door and down a small flight of stairs where we all came upon seven doors. Scrambling, we went into them seemingly randomly, and I happened to proceed into door six. It mattered not since all the doors led to the same place (except the seventh door entered the room at a different angle than the rest). The room was some form of an elevator, and as soon as the button was pressed, the doors closed one at a time starting with door one, and the elevator proceeded to the lobby.

The lobby was large and had these large glass windows on the facade revealing the outside world. Outside, though, there were many Cyclopes burning things and destroying the city. Then the burst through the glass, and one shot a powerful red laser with its eye at us. Immediately, we were immobilized. Recall that so far, no one has died. Then, one by one, we were given a choice: become the Cyclopes' slaves or die. Some eagerly joined for their life, others more reluctantly, though I cannot seem to recall anyone actually rejecting the offer of life. The dream ended with my turn, as if I am yet to make a decision.

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