I don't know whether or not to call myself cheap or unique, but the music I listen to is more or less out of the ordinary. I find it interesting how so many people can easily identify music bands and the people in them, along with their top five albums or so. Meanwhile, I know almost no band whatsoever, except for the Beatles or something. Rather, I listen to an entirely different brand of music.

Mainly, I listen to video game music and such which typically have no lyrics. I also occasionally listen to classical music, which usually also do not have lyrics1. Below, you can find an alphabetical list of songs I like. Have fun.

Song Title Artist Notes
27 Strings The Guy in the Video
Am I Not Human? Two Steps from Hell
Ashes Adrian von Ziegler
Archs - Travel, The Sheodon
Atlantis Banjo-Tooie
Blizzard Two Steps From Hell
Clair Voyant Two Steps from Hell
Colorless Night Kirin
Corridor of Mirrors, The YueYang
Departure Kumi Tanioka Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Dust and Shadows Adrian von Ziegler
Eternal Bond Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Everything We Stand For xlllnon
Fantasy~ Wildfiredragons
Flashygoodness Flashygoodness I like just about everything from this guy.
Frozen Synapse 08 Frozen Synapse Development
-Glorious Morning- waterflame
Hallelujah Leonard Cohen
Innocent Breaker CleanTears
Into Solidtude Adrian von Ziegler
Kaze No Ne Kumi Tanioka Main Theme for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Lunara Adrian von Ziegler
Michael Meets Mozart The Piano Guys
Missing You Kingdom Hearts II
Moonsong (remix) Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, remix by Brunzolaitis A song from Cave Story
Moonsong 3D Nicalis Remastered from Cave Story
Native Faith Laikros Originally from the Touhou series
Prophecy Adrian von Ziegler
Sadness and Sorrow Celestial-Sticker
Sakura RVH Originally from the Touhou series
Scroll and the Dragon, The NovusAlias
Skyworld Two Steps from Hell
Smoke Two Steps from Hell
Stronghold of the Wind GIRakaCHEEZER A song from Cave Story
Stormy Skies AshleyAlyse
Titanium The Piano Guys
Together We Ride Remix DJtheSdotcom Originally from Fire Emblem games 1, 3, 7, and 11.
To Glory Two Steps From Hell
Tomorrow will be special megabobi Originally from the Touhou series. Also no longer exists…?
White 3D Nicalis Remastered from Cave Story
Winterspell Two Steps from Hell
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