My Files

This page contains all my files that are not sorted into other pages. This could be global images, calculator programs, documents, and other things. Files that are unique to a page will probably be on that page.

File nameFile typeSize
ants.txtASCII English text1.23 kBInfo
epicChessWin20130211.pngPNG image data103.68 kBInfo
favicon_timothyfoster.jpgJPEG image data1.03 kBInfo
israelReal.pngPNG image data535.17 kBInfo
lh_timsig.pngPNG image14.46 kBInfo
rssNewIcon.pngPNG image877 BytesInfo
spacegif.gifGIF image data20.49 kBInfo
ThesaurusInitiative.airZip archive data313.91 kBInfo
unstable-cake.gifGIF image data5.55 kBInfo
weegeeStyle.pngPNG image data806.35 kBInfo
whatHaveYouDone.pngPNG image data49.34 kBInfo
wikidot_screenAdmin.pngPNG image data159.66 kBInfo
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